Promo Code: 1000 Gold Coins

1000 Gold Coins

Promo Code: 1000 Gold Coins

New code, wizards! This code gives you 1000 gold. It can only be used once on every account, and should have no limit. The code is:


Happy buying!

William IceFlame


ok. so i have this code 3958D-QL7K3-2L53M-9QQ74 for yoville for facebook. how do i put in the code. like where at? do i have to go on a page and tipe it in or wat

This code is only for Wizard101. I don't even think Yoville allows codes. Good game though!

where on wizard 101 do i type the code in m8 can u tell me plz

Good question. I have written a blog post regarding how to do that at . Check it out! Hope it helps!

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