Promo Code: 1000 Gold Coins

1000 Gold Coins

New code, wizards! This code gives you 1000 gold. It can only be used once on every account, and should have no limit. The code is:


Happy buying!

William IceFlame

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ok. so i have this code 3958D-QL7K3-2L53M-9QQ74 for yoville for facebook. how do i put in the code. like where at? do i have to go on a page and tipe it in or wat

This code is only for Wizard101. I don't even think Yoville allows codes. Good game though!

where on wizard 101 do i type the code in m8 can u tell me plz

Good question. I have written a blog post regarding how to do that at . Check it out! Hope it helps!

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