News: 2010 Best MMORPG Award Goes To...

2010 Best MMORPG Award Goes To...

The results are in! Here is the list of contests Wizard101 was nominated for. Here are the ones it won (It's constantly being updated!):

  1. MMO Sanctuary - Best Expansion    <----------- Celestia is the WINNER!
  2. MMO Sanctuary - Game of the Year    <-----------Wizard101 won!
  3. Massively - Best Family Game of the Decade     <------------Yep, Wizard101 won this one too!
  4. Massive Online Gamer Best of 2010
  5. - Favorite MMO Company
  6. - Best Free 2 Play MMO
  7. - Game of the Year

Check back later to see if Wizard101 won any more contests!

William IceFlame

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