News: Test Realm Status

The Test Realm is a place in Wizard101 (actually a different realm entirely) where you can test out new features of Wizard101 that haven't been released yet. Your account gets copied over, and you can try whatever you want. Read more about it here.The Test Realm is ON.Have fun on the Test Realm!

News: Secure your Wizard Booty!

Hello readers again! Sorry about the long wait (scary computer problems). Today I am going to talk to you about security problems on Wizard101. I have recently encountered many security flaws on Wizard101, including hacking, frauding and other crazy things. Wizard101 is the target for many online predators, many of who are fully-grown adults aged 60 or 70. Here is the link to an article I found about it: Wizard101 Internet Predators

Announcements: Felix Navidad and Gardening

Announcement #1:Felix Navidad is back fr another great December season! Come join him to celebrate another yuletide here in Wizard City. To buy items from him, go to the Shopping District near the fountain, where all the season sellers sell their merchandise. Just note these items cost crowns!

News: Sign up for a FREE Dragon pet!

Many of you wizards out there still don't know what this Wizard101 is. Technically, I shouldn't call you wizards, but oh well, you will soon become one.So you read the overview of Wizard101 and are very interested in it. You head over to the Wizard101 website and click Play, sign up, and have a new Wizard101 account.But wait!Along that way, you are not reminded of anything about getting a free dragon or free Crowns. But now, there's a way.On the Links box on this page (or any other one), you ...

How To: Use the Test Realm

Hey wizards! As you have read in the gardening article I put up a few days ago, it requires the Test Realm! It's pretty easy to use the Test Realm, but there are a few very important limitations you have to pay attention to before using it. Many of you reading this may be pretty agravated. Here's how KingsIsle puts it:This Test Realm is available to Subscribers.

News: Gardening's Here!

Finally! Gardening! Many have been waiting for ages for this invention to come true, and now it has! Come experience it for yourselves in the Test Realm (instructions on getting there will be added)! When you enter, go the Moolinda Wu and she will teach you how to start gardening. Easy as that! You can plant many things, and monsters drop seeds, too. You can plant indoors or outdoors. Garden now on the Test Realm!Here's the complete article Professor Moolinda Wu wrote:

How To: quit a battle without fleeing

Isn't it so annoying when you're happily walking along the border of an area, and suddenly a monster drags you into battle? Then you would have to waste your time fighting someone not on your quest list, and then you would end up losing a lot of your health and maybe even fleeing.Well, here we have a solution! The secret is this: press the Esc key while in battle. That should be self-explanatory.Accidently get into battleSo you accidently walk into a battle and want to leave. Pretty easy step...

How To: fix the error "transaction was not successful"

So many of you like to save up your gold coins to buy things like castles, treasure cards and clothing. But sometimes when you buy something, an error message pops up. One of them is this extremely annoying one: "Transaction was not successful."This error happens mostly when buying clothes. Let's say you want to buy a robe, but it is too expensive. You change the color of the robe to brown, yellow or white and try to buy it. When you click Buy, the error pops up. You switch realms. No differe...

News: The Hideous "Buy" Button

Buy, buy, buy. Buy this, buy that. Many wizards are buying crowns and earning or buying gold points to buy an in-game item. I, myself am saving up for the Great Fortress, a giant 50,000 coin Dragonsyre house. But right now, I still have to face the hideous greyed-out Buy button:

New Promo Code: Gobbler Tranformation

Sorry, I posted way too late, but:Get a free Gobbler transformation with the promo code: gobblegobble. Enter it at the Wizard101 site, where you log in and then type it in in the "Redeem Card or Code" "Promotional Codes" section.WarningThis promo code ends at midnight TODAY, so enter it quick!

News: Celestia is here!

Celestia is HERE! On Wednesday, October 27, 2010, Celestia joined alongside the other worlds in the Spiral. WIzards that are level 48 or higher and have completed the "Final Countdown" quest to defeat Malistaire can now go to Celestia!

News: Welcome to The Wizard's Spiral!

Hello wizards! Welcome to The Wizard's Spiral! This new blog is about Wizard101. Feel free to post about anything in the Forums, ranging from equipment to Helephants, from castles to Mooshu. If you have any questions or technical problems, go to the forums and open a new thread. Me or any other wizard will be there right away to help you. For those of you who are wondering what Wizard101 is, you have come to the right place. Wizard101 is an MMORPG game that is all about wizards and magic. Whe...

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