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The Forum is for chatting and asking questions about Wizard101, but there still are a few rules to go over before posting:

Only post things relating to Wizard101. Comments, threads, replies and others all have to be related to Wizard101. There's no talking about the recent Giants game or anything. All unrelated posts will be removed.

This is a kid-safe site. I understand some of you are moaning and groaning, but Wizard101 is a kid-friendly game, so this site is a kid-friendly site. Again, this ties into having all posts be related to Wizard101. Inapropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to: swearing, explicit photos, hate talk, flaming, arguments, "adult" talk. We will not tolerate any of this behavior and any user who is caught posting inapropriate things will immediately have their post deleted and a warning sent written on the thread. The wizard posting this inapropriate material will be banned unless notified otherwise.

No advertising is allowed. Advertising can be left to another site to deal with, but we will not allow advertising on this site.

Spamming is absolutely not a good idea. Spamming the forum means completely messing up the system. Spamming includes: posting two of the same posts, starting a duplicate thread, advertising, stalking someone and chain letters or forward messages.

Cheats, self-received codes, passwords, etc. must be removed. If the code is a universal, as in codes that are well-known, it can be kept on the thread. If it is a self-generated code as in from or from other sources are not accepted. Beckett magazine codes are allowed.

Now that's it! Thank you for taking your time in reading this and we hope you understand what is to be expected.

NOTE: Nothing else is to be posted on this thread except questions about the rules. Posts will be deleted if they do not have to do with the rules.

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