The Wizard's Spiral How-Tos

How To: Use the Test Realm

Hey wizards! As you have read in the gardening article I put up a few days ago, it requires the Test Realm! It's pretty easy to use the Test Realm, but there are a few very important limitations you have to pay attention to before using it. Many of you reading this may be pretty agravated. Here's how KingsIsle puts it:This Test Realm is available to Subscribers.

How To: quit a battle without fleeing

Isn't it so annoying when you're happily walking along the border of an area, and suddenly a monster drags you into battle? Then you would have to waste your time fighting someone not on your quest list, and then you would end up losing a lot of your health and maybe even fleeing.Well, here we have a solution! The secret is this: press the Esc key while in battle. That should be self-explanatory.Accidently get into battleSo you accidently walk into a battle and want to leave. Pretty easy step...

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