News: The Hideous "Buy" Button

The Hideous "Buy" Button

Buy, buy, buy. Buy this, buy that. Many wizards are buying crowns and earning or buying gold points to buy an in-game item. I, myself am saving up for the Great Fortress, a giant 50,000 coin Dragonsyre house. But right now, I still have to face the hideous greyed-out Buy button:

The Hideous "Buy" Button

Now, I understand that some people out there don't care about gold or Crowns (well, maybe crowns). But sooner or later you'll be caught. When I first started, I never paid any attention to anything except my attack, defense and health. Then I met Lady Blackhope.

Long stringy hair, looked like the corpse bride, queen of all Lost Souls, I knew I would die. I went into the battle and, not paying attention to anything except attack, died before Lady Blackhope's 3rd move.

After I came back to the Commons all spinny-headed and dizzy, I thought, how could I boost my health and attack or defense? I immediately thought of buying clothing, so I checked my backpack, and sure enough, there were the coins I had ignored all this time.

Teleporting to my friend in the Shopping District, I sped to the hat store and bought the first thing that caught my eye. Then, running back to Blackhope, I had no black hopes anymore. I fought and immediately killed the Skeletal Pirate, and then immediately knocked out Lady Blackhope. Happy as ever, I stepped out of the dungeon, undefeated.

So now I've learned the importance of coins and Crowns. Right now I have a lot of expensive things, like the trio Crown clothing set and the giant Wizard City house. So many of you senior wizards would always be happy to see the un-greyed-out Buy button:The Hideous "Buy" Button

But what if you accidently pressed Buy when you didn't mean to?


Yes. All the money that you saved up will be gone. There's really no way of getting that hard-earned money back except by earning it slowly again or selling things (the highest price I sold something for was 3000 gold coins). Yep, really annoying and sad!

So I encourage all of you wizards and wizardesses out there to pay attention next time they open a store window, no matter how advanced you are. You don't want to lose your money!

PS I didn't post for a long time beccause I'm trying to get my first video up and running. Sorry for the wait!

Happy Playing!

William IceFlame

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